WordPress website advice

Newcomers start using WordPress every day, they see a prevalent CMS that includes 43% of all websites on the planet.

Almost everyone is surprised that WordPress is ‘open source’ and 100% free, supported by a network of dedicated communities and that help create performance and functional enhancements by way of ‘plugins’. Plugins provide the enhancements to the shell that is WordPress these allow for total flexibility, for example, one may convert the basic ‘blog’ environment into a fully functional E-commerce website with the potential to reach a truly global audience.

Woocommerce creates such a plugin, which in itself may contain other plugins which for example may offer the visitor greater interaction, or protection employing a secure shopping cart.

Some plugins provide the ability to enhance the product page images by allowing 36 individual images to be loaded in sequence thus giving the illusion of a 360-degree rotation. The ability to view a product from all angles is a huge seller to a potential customer. I believe there is now a plugin which covers vertical as well as horizontal edges giving an actual virtual tour.

WordPress websites for all the incredible flexibility do require regular updates of these modules as (quite rightly) are upgraded continuously to maintain advancements in security, therefore paying a professional webmaster to keep your website services and protected is paramount. Letting your WordPress website become outdated and open to threats is just plain laziness, so do yourself a favour and look for a local pro web guy to keep your site efficient, fast loading and secure, you don’t want your new business to suffer hacking and lose all your hard work!